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Bone Meal

GUARD-EN-FORCE 6KG BONE MEAL Slow Release Organic Fertiliser and Strong Root Builder

GUARD-EN-FORCE 6KG BONE MEAL Slow Release Organic Fertiliser and Strong Root Builder

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GUARD-EN-FORCE 6KG BONE MEAL Slow Release Organic Fertiliser and Strong Root Builder For Trees, Shrubs, Root Crops, Fruit Trees, etc..

  • Bonemeal is a Slow Release Organic Fertiliser That is Rich in Valuable Nutrients Phosphorus, Calcium and Nitrogen, With NPK Level of 3.5-18-0. Our Bonemeal is Ready to Use and Can be Applied Pre-Planting or Added to Established Plants. It Will Help Develop Stronger, Healthier Roots, Producing Greener, Healthier Plants and Trees. Bonemeal Can be Applied Every 4-6 Weeks to Improve Soil Fertility.
  • Bonemeal Encourages Stronger Root Development and Aids the Rapid Establishment of New Plants. The Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser Can Be Applied to Trees, Shrubs, Hedges, Fruit Trees, Vegetables and Any Other Plants. Bone Meal is a Natural Feed for Stronger Roots and Stronger, Healthier Plants.
  • Bone Meal Can be Applied to Soil Prior to Planting by Adding Approx. 30-70 Grams at the Bottom of the Planting Hole, Then Add a Little Compost on Top and Then Add the Plant. For Established Plants, Window Boxes and Indoor Plants Sprinkle Some Bonemeal, Approx. 35 Grams, Around the Soil and Water In.
  • Bonemeal Can be Applied Late in Autumn Before Frosts Appear to Boost the Plants Through the Winter and it Can be Applied Again From February to Encourage Faster, Healthier Development. It Can Also be Applied Throughout the Growing Season. It Will Slowly Release Nutrients Over a Long Period of Time to help Develop Healthy Plants And Greener Foliage.
  • It is Recommended to Wear Gloves When Gardening and Applying Bone Meal and to Wash Hands After Use. Store Safely Away From Food, Children And Pets.

    Why Use Bonemeal? Bonemeal is an Organic Slow Release Fertiliser That Encourages Stronger Root Growth and Quicker Development of New Plants. It is a Source of Phosphate, Calcium and Nitrogen Which are Required for Stronger Roots and Healthier, Greener, Leaf Development. Our Bonemeal is a Ready to Use Fertiliser That Can be Applied From February Until November to Both New, and Estab-lished, Plants. It Can be Used on Root Crops, Peas, Beans, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Peony, Gladioli, Flowers, Hedges, Fruit and Fruit Trees, and Deciduous Shrubs. Bonemeal Contains Several Nutrients Essential For Healthy, Stronger Plant Growth.
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