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Iron Sulphate From TRADE FARM NI LTD

Coverage of 5 Kilogram of Ferrous Sulfate is approx 2,500 to 5000 square metres for LAWNS

IRON SULPHATE LAWN FERTILISER, LAWN FEED and GRASS TONIC. All Round Multi-Purpose Sulphate of Iron Lawn Conditioner, Fertiliser, Grass Greener & Turf Hardener.

WHAT IS IRON SULPHATE? Iron Sulphate is Also Commonly Known as Ferrous Sulfate and Sulphate of Iron. Iron Sulphate is Highly Regarded by Keen Gardeners as a Lawn’s Best Friend. Both Professional and Domestic Users Apply Iron Sulphate as a Multi-Purpose Lawn Treatment. It Has a Wide Variety of Uses Such as Lawn Greening, Turf Hardening, Worm Casts, and Much More. Iron Sulphate is Renowned for its Use in Creating and Maintaining a Perfect, Strong, Healthy and Lush Green Lawn.  


HOW TO USE IRON SULPHATE? Iron Sulphate is Highly Regarded as an Essential Lawn Application in Both Spring and Autumn Seasons in Particular; but this Indispensable Lawn Product Can be Applied All Year Round to Maintain the Perfect Lawn. Iron Sulfate Can be Applied Wet or Dry.  It is Applied Most Efficiently with a Knapsack Sprayer, or even a Watering Can.  Simply Dilute with Warm Water to Make Solution for Sprayer or Can. Can also be applied Dry by Spreader, or Even Just Scattered by Hand.

WHAT WILL IRON SULPHATE DO? There are Many Uses for Iron Sulphate on a Lawn or in the Garden.  Green Keepers, Gardeners, Park Keepers, Sports Pitch Maintenance Operatives Use it For a Wide Range of Gardening, Grass, and Lawn Care Tasks. Iron Sulphate is an Iron Rich, Fast Acting, and Long Lasting Fertiliser That Will Encourage Strong Grass Growth and Healthy Dark Green Grass Colour. It is Often Applied to Create Superior Quality Golfing Greens. Iron Sulphate Will Also Help Prevent Lawn Disease.

APPLICATION RATES: Iron Sulphate is Typically Applied at a Rate of Between 1 gram to 5 grams Per Square Metre, Depending on the Particular Use. 1 Kilogram of Our GUARD-EN-FORCE Iron Sulphate Will Usually Have a Coverage of 200 – 1000 Square Metres. Now that is a Garden Force with Value!  Example Rates - Grass Greening can be Achieved by Applying Iron Sulphate to the Lawn at a Rate of 2 Grams per Square Metre. An Internet Search For Iron Sulphate Will Provide Lots of Information on Further Usage.

WHY OUR IRON SULPHATE?  Our Iron Sulphate is a premium quality, fine, dried powder, in Which Excess Water Molecules Have Been Removed. This gives More Product and More Power per Gram. The Powder Dilutes Down Easily With Lukewarm Water Into a Solution For Easy Application to Your Lawn.  Our Re-sealable Clip Top Container Keeps the Sulphate Fresh and Dry for Use All Year Round.  We have Over a Decade of Experience Which is Why Our Product is Used and Trusted by Gardening Experts and Enthusiasts.

Iron sulphate is often used as from January to December for various gardening uses. It can be applied in a small doses that gives the grass a lovely lush green colour.

Iron Sulphate is often used in the late autumn through to spring period to suppress WORM CASTS on the lawn, particularly if it is a very wet autumn. If you look closely at the lawn you will notice small mounds of slimy soil on the surface of the lawn, these are the worm casts that mean your lawn can become muddy and slippery and difficult to mow.

Sulphate of iron is a plant food tonic for ericaceous (lime hating) plants such as Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons And Heathers Full Instructions for usage in lawn greening etc, including the required dosage per area etc, are on the back of the Tub. Every lawn is different so we recommend you start light and repeat after 2 weeks with a stronger application if it does not produce the desired results.

Product is variously Known by several different names as Ferrous sulphate, Ferrous sulfate, Iron sulfate, Iron sulphate, Sulphate of iron. 

If you want to learn more about how to use, mix, or apply iron sulphate for lawn greening check out our informative blog post on using iron sulphate.


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