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Garden Lime

2.5 KG Granular Garden Lime Soil Conditioner, Fast Acting Fertiliser

2.5 KG Granular Garden Lime Soil Conditioner, Fast Acting Fertiliser

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IMPROVE SOIL QUALITY and INCREASE GROWTH and YIELD: Garden Lime Can Control, Change And Optimise The pH Levels Of Garden And Allotment Soil. Lime Is Ideal For Use On Vegetable Patches, And Borders, And Garden Lawns. Lime Will Optimise pH Levels, Improve Soil Fertility Which Will Help To Produce Healthy, Bountiful Crop Yields, And Enable Grass To Flourish. Soil pH Preferences Vary For Different Seed Types, But Most Grasses Prefer Soil pH Levels Between 5.8 And 7.2.

EASY TO USE GARDEN LIME: Quick And Easy To Use For Novice And Experienced Gardeners. Easily Distributed Using Conventional Spreader Or By Hand And Can Be Used At Any Time Of The Year On Bare Ground Or Crops. 5 Kilogram Tub Of Lime Covers Approximately 65 Square Metres. This Product Is Low Dust Pellets Dispersing Soon After Application. Weeds, Moss, Yellow Or Brown Patches Are A Sign Your Lawn Needs Lime. Moss Tends To Grow Well In Acidic Soil So Add Lime To Control Moss.

BENEFITS OF USING LIME ON YOUR GARDEN: This Lime Is An Organic Based Regulator For Controlling And Reducing The Acidity Of Soils. It Is Ideal For Breaking Down Heavy Soils And Improving Soil Quality. Lawns Require Lime When Low Soil pH Levels And Rainfall Inhibit The Availability Of Nutrients. Garden Lime Makes Soils Less Acidic, Enabling Plants To Take Up The Nutrients They Need For Healthy Growth And Development. Lime Is Also A Rich Source Of Calcium And Magnesium.

TESTING YOUR SOIL: It Is Always Recommended To Test Your Soil Before Liming. You Can Purchase A Soil Tester From A Wide Variety Of Sources To Test pH Levels Before Applying Lime. The Test Results Will Show How Much Lime You Need To Apply. You Will Also Need To Check What Soil Type You Have. Our Lime Will React Immediately When Applied, Bring Rapid And Long Lasting pH Adjustment, Improve Root Growth, Assist In Fertiliser Performance, And Is A Totally Safe Non-Toxic Product.

WHAT PLANTS CAN BENEFIT FROM LIME?: Plants That Can Improve With Lime Are Iris, Bluebell, Crocus, Geranium, Hyacinth, Morning Glory, Poppy And Lily. Also Tomato, Leeks, Lima Beans, Asparagus, Spinach And Mushrooms Benefit From Lime. Many Trees Also Benefit From Alkaline Soil, including Maple, Douglas Fir And Austrian Pine. Always Check Soil And Plant Type Before Liming As Some Plants Such As Azaleas And Rhododendrons Prefer Acidic Soil And Won't Perform Well If You Add Lime.

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