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Iron Sulphate

1 KG Iron Sulphate Tub Fertiliser and Lawn Feed TRADEFARMNI


1 KG Iron Sulphate Tub Fertiliser and Lawn Feed TRADEFARMNI

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TRADE FARM NI Iron Sulphate

•EASY TO USE. Coverage of 1 Kilogramme of Ferrous Sulfate is approximately 500 to 1000 square metres for LAWN GREENING. CAN BE APPLIED WET or DRY. Best used dissolved in water for easy and even coverage but can be applied dry also. The easy open and close clip top tub means this is easily stored in optimum conditions. Gives grass and lawns a fresh, healthy dark green colour quickly. Easy instructions for all usage included on back label.
•EXTREMELY POWERFUL, HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM 3 in 1 FORMULA. TOP BRAND IRON SULPHATE.  Iron Sulphate is an Iron rich and long lasting fertiliser that will encourage strong growth and healthy dark green grass and also act as a turf hardener.

•USED AND TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS. Used by professional green keepers, lawn keepers, park keepers, sports grounds men etc for perfect pitches, green lawns, and superior golfing greens. Sulphate of Iron is used as a lawn greener and a lawn conditioner by many discerning home users across the UK to improve their grass quality.

•HIGH QUALITY GRADE IRON SULPHATE. There Are Different Grades of Iron Sulphate Available. This is a Fine Powdered Grade. It is Superior quality and Has Twice The Coverage of the Damp, Industrial, or Crystal Grade.

•HELPS TO PREVENT LAWN DISEASE. Our thoroughly researched and developed, tried and tested formula gives grass sensational colour and even helps to prevent lawn disease with its turf hardening qualities.

1 KG TUB Iron Sulphate which is also known as Ferrous Sulphate or Sulphate of Iron or iron sulfate. It is a highly effective, LAWN GREENER and LAWN CONDITIONER. Iron Sulphate is also used as a TURF HARDENER and to reduce WORM CASTS on your lawn.

iron sulfate for lawns is highly soluble, dissolves easily mixed with some warm water so it can be sprayed on lawns from sprayers or watering cans. It can also be applied dry with a spreader and then well watered in.

Iron sulphate is often used as from January to December for various gardening uses. It can be applied in a small doses that gives the grass a lovely lush green colour.

Iron Sulphate is often used in the late autumn through to spring period to suppress WORM CASTS on the lawn, particularly if it is a very wet autumn. If you look closely at the lawn you will notice small mounds of slimy soil on the surface of the lawn, these are the worm casts that mean your lawn can become muddy and slippery and difficult to mow.

Sulphate of iron is a plant food tonic for ericaceous (lime hating) plants such as Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons And Heathers Full Instructions for usage in moss killing or lawn greening etc, including the required dosage per area etc, are on the back of the Tub. Every lawn is different so we recommend you start light and repeat after 2 weeks with a stronger application if it does not produce the desired results.

Product is variously Known by several different names as Ferrous sulphate, Ferrous sulfate, Iron sulfate, Iron sulphate, Sulphate of iron. 

If you want to learn more about how to use, mix, or apply iron sulphate for lawn greening check out our informative blog post on using iron sulphate.

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piotr lomny - dublin

I recommend

polecam ten produkt w 100%

I recommend this product 100%

Christopher Richie - Croydon

Best Moss Killer

This premium iron sulphate from tradefarmni is the best moss killer on the market. Kills the moss in the lawn in just a few hours. I have used it every year since 2014. Kills the moss every spring and just enough left over to green up the grass a few times throughout the year. Nothing compares with this for moss control. Well worth it in my opinion.

Wendy Maclin - Dundee

5 stars

This powder has left my lawn in better condition and goes a long way.

Tom Walter - Birmingham

Professional results

I run a small gardening business and have tried a few iron sulphate products. This is the best I have found. Free delivery too. Leaves lawns greener and healthier all round. This has a finer texture than some other iron sulphate products and covers more. I’m beginning to see really good results with using this for a few years. Lawns become a lot firmer and are easier to work come the spring. Thanks to John, Harry and the team for their good service too. Have no hesitation in recommending the product and the company.

James Anderson - Manchester

Great Moss Killer for lawn.

iron sulphate is known as a grass fertiliser for greening up grass but I use it to kill the moss in my lawn. Just takes a double strength dose and the moss is black and dead in 2 hours. Best moss killer on the market at a great price and it goes a long way in a little tub. Lasts me all year long. applied in spring, summer and autumn to keep the moss under control.

Daniel Murrey - Lancashire

Good product

3rd time buying this. Great results on my lawn. Also good fast response from the company with questions about how to use the product.

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