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  • Excellent all round

    I run a small gardening business and this company is my go to for products and this lawn seed just happens to be the best around although I use all the products and keep a small stock usually. With their free delivery it just works out cheaper for me even than buying it locally. Just recently business really picked up for me and I ran low across the whole range. A quick call to John and he had arranged a whole pallet load including a good discount for a bulk order. Even though this was outside their usual couriers, John made all the arrangements and it was all with me in five days and delivered right to my door. Recommend this company and their products highly. The results are excellent but this grass seed gives a fantastic lawn every time.

    Paul P / GREEN GLEN Special Diamond Lawnseed Mix

  • Excellent quality grass seeds

    I have used this company several times for moss killer iron sulphate and patio cleaners. They are all great products and do exactly as they say at a very reasonable price. The grass seed is exceptional. It filled in all the patches on my lawn after treating moss and it has come up really lovely. Very very pleased with this grass.

    Gerald C / GREEN GLEN Special Diamond Lawnseed Mix

  • Professional results

    I run a small gardening business and have tried a few iron sulphate products. This is the best I have found. Free delivery too. Leaves lawns greener and healthier all round. This has a finer texture than some other iron sulphate products and covers more. I’m beginning to see really good results with using this for a few years. Lawns become a lot firmer and are easier to work come the spring. Thanks to John, Harry and the team for their good service too. Have no hesitation in recommending the product and the company.

    Tom Walter / TRADEFARMNI Iron Sulphate

  • Best Moss Killer

    This premium iron sulphate from tradefarmni is the best moss killer on the market. Kills the moss in the lawn in just a few hours. I have used it every year since 2014. Kills the moss every spring and just enough left over to green up the grass a few times throughout the year. Nothing compares with this for moss control. Well worth it in my opinion.

    Christopher Richie / TRADEFARMNI Iron Sulphate

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We offer specialized products to elevate your garden, including Iron Sulphate for Lawns – a powerful grass greener and tonic for lush, disease-resistant lawns. From pristine patios to resilient turf, our range has you covered. Discover Sulphate of Iron, beloved by greenkeepers for golf greens, ensuring vibrant, firm grass. 

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Gardening Blog

Gardening Blog

  • Using Iron Sulphate on MOSS on Grass and Lawns

    29th January 2024

    Using Iron Sulphate on MOSS on Grass and Lawns


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  • How to Mix Iron Sulphate  For Your Lawn

    8th February 2023

    How to Mix Iron Sulphate For Your Lawn


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  • Using Iron Sulphate For Greening Grass

    30th January 2023

    Using Iron Sulphate For Greening Grass

    Want to know how to mix iron sulphate? How to use iron sulphate on lawn? How much iron sulphate should I use on my grass? How to green up grass with iron sulphate? All these questions and more are answered in our guide to using iron sulphate.

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  • How To Use Garden Lime

    11th January 2023

    How To Use Garden Lime

    Adding Lime, a soil amendment material, to your garden soil will reduce the acidity of the soil by raising the pH level of the soil. The main reason for adding Garden Lime to your soil is to raise the pH level to ensure healthy growth and abundant crops...

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  • Guide and Tips to Sowing Grass Seed

    11th January 2023

    Guide and Tips to Sowing Grass Seed

    If you want to sow that new lawn, or just want to improve the condition of your current lawn, then read our guide to find out more info on planting that grass seed to create a spectacular lawn. Then try our Green Glen Grass seed for the perfect lawn.

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  • Using Bone Meal In The Garden

    10th January 2023

    Using Bone Meal In The Garden

    This is our guide on using bone meal fertiliser in your garden. We will look at what it is, how it works, how to use it, and what the advantages and disadvantages of using bone meal are.  Read on to find if you need bone meal for your garden and...

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