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  • iron sulphate, fast growing and hardy grass seed, bone meal and garden lime available from tradefarmni and iron sulphate.co.uk
  • Premium iron sulphate to kill moss and green up your grass
  • Green Glen fast growing and hard wearing lawn seed for gardens, ornamental lawns, sports pitches, amenity areas and play areas. Top quality grass seed from TRADE FARM NI..
  • Premium quality iron sulphate for those who love lawn perfection

UK Gardening Specialists For Iron Sulphate Lawn Fertiliser, Lawn Tonic and Grass Greener.

Gardening is One of the UK's Most Popular Pastimes and Here at Ironsulphate.co.uk We Have a Range of Products for Gardens and Gardeners. We Specialise in Iron Sulphate For Lawns, Which is Known as a Powerful Lawn Iron Tonic or Grass Greener for Lawns, But we Also Have Essential Products for Getting Your Garden, Lawns, Decking and Patios Into Shape and Keeping Them in Pristine Condition Throughout the Year. These Include of Course Our Sulphate of Iron, Our Papa Wash Which is a Great Quality Patio Wash "PAPA WASH" That can Clean Wood, Brick, Stone, Tarmac, Concrete, Paving, PVC, Tiles and Much More. We Also Stock Granular Garden Lime and a Fantastic Streak Free Glass Cleaner Called Pure Gleam.  After a Days Gardening we Also Have Disinfectant Hand Wipes and Hand Sanitisers to Kill off Germs.

Iron Sulphate Lawn Greener and Fertiliser

We Love Soluble Iron for Giving Lawns a Healthy Green Colour and Making it More Resistant Against Diseases. Known Variously by Different Names Such as Ferrous Sulfate, Iron Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate and Sulphate Of Iron, It Has Been the Secret of Professional Green keepers on Ireland's Golf Greens for Many Decades to Produce Sensational Lush Dark Green Grass and a Firm Turf. Buy  Ferrous Sulfate Lawn Tonic and Grass Fertiliser  Online Here to Treat Your Lawn with Love.


Check Out Our Gardening Blog For Advice On How to Use Iron Sulphate and Other Gardening Products

If you want information on how to use iron sulphate for lawn greening, fertilising, or turf hardening etc then check out our blog where you can get full instructions on how to use ferrous sulphate to best effect. We also have advice and information on using bone meal, garden lime and thorough guides to planting grass seed.

Gardening Blog For Tips and Advice on Using Iron Sulphate, Lime, Grass Seed, Bone Meal and Other Garden Products

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Green Glen Grass Seed. Fast growing and hardy lawn seed mix for tough lawns, play areas and ornamental lawns